Q. What type of steel are your sinks made from?
A. All of our sinks are made from cold rolled high quality 304 stainless steel.

Q. Are your sinks comparable to other name brands such as Blanco, Kohler, Elkay, & Franke?
A. Yes; our sinks are of the same quality. We use the same type of high quality steel as many of our competitors. There are variances in the brushed finish look between all companies.

Q. What finish is on the sink?
A. All sinks are brushed finish including the top plate. Brushed finish helps to mask any scratches that appear from normal everyday use.

Q. What do I do if my sink scratches?
A. Please note all stainless steel sinks will have scratches appear with normal use. Usually these are fine unnoticed scratches.

Q. What gauge is a good gauge of sink?
A. The lower the number the thicker the gauge sink. Average good quality involves an 18 gauge sink. Cheaper sinks and common topmount sinks usually employ 20-24 gauge steel. All of our sinks are made from a thick durable 16 gauge top plate and 18 gauge bowls.

Q. What is the composition of your stainless steel sinks?
A. Our stainless steel has 18/10 Chromium/Nickel content; the highest quality you will find in the United States for a kitchen sink. This quality is what makes the steel “stainless”. Other manufacturers use steel with 18/8 Chromium/Nickel content or less, making them more prone to rusting and staining due to the lower nickel content.

Q. What accessories are available for your sinks?
A. We carry strainer/drain combos for all of our stainless steel sinks. These include a topside stainless steel basket and attachment and an underside rubber gasket and pvc drain. We also carry a full set of stainless steel grids for all models of sinks. Currently there are no accessories for our porcelain model sinks.

Q. Will a 405 sink fit comfortably in my countertop?
A. We caution all customers to check the measurements and consult with their granite installer if they decide to buy a 405 sink. This sink is a great sink but it tends to be larger then some granite fabricators wish to install. This sinks leaves little room for a faucet which is why we have notched part of the sink in the back to make room for a one hole faucet.

Q. What if my question is not answered on this page?
A. Please click the link to the Contact Us page and one of our customer representatives will happily assist you.