Basket Sink Strainer

Basket Sink Strainer

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Basket Sink Strainer

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Basket Strainer - Made out of 304 stainless steel with drain connect. The basket strainer has a removable basket approx 2” x 2” deep with spaghetti holes and can be used to strain and catch extra debris that gathers in the bottom of the sink bowl. This drain application is an excellent alternative for those who will not be utilizing a garbage disposal.

QUESTION: What is the difference between a Standard Strainer and a Basket Strainer?
ANSWER: A Standard Strainer is what you see most often in kitchens. It has a strainer basket with a knob in the middle that you would push down to stop the water from draining. A Basket Strainer has a deeper strainer basket which sits down into the drain with a handle to pull it out. This deeper basket can hold more food debris. There is a separate stopper piece to put over the drain to stop the water from draining.
QUESTION: Do I need a strainer if I have a garbage disposal?
ANSWER: You do not need to purchase a strainer for any sink bowl that will have a garbage disposal installed.
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